You need most crucial services for the success of your digital marketing as our online marketing services agency offers comprehensive and competently analytical services that reveal KPIs and ROIs and a complete analysis of the performance of your marketing strategies.




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Our Services

Social metricx leads as one of the best Digital marketing company in Hyderabad and we are experts in understanding the digital marketing needs of your business and   understanding the marketing needs of your business.We have acquired expertise in managing a wide range of digital marketing services for  healthcare business.Additionally, we attend to the various needs in startups as an advertising agency and best  social media marketing agency. With proficiency in both organic and paid advertising and marketing, Social Metricx offers some of the top rated requirements in social media marketing services. Apart from the regular requirement of Search Engine Optimization.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a unique Google search engine technique that effectively works to rank your website for the users to find your website. There are several methods and techniques used in search engine optimization to rank your page and they provide excellent help in the following ways.

  • Increase Traffic to your websiteBlack text
  • Increase Conversion Rate to increase website visitors
  • Inspire visitors to shop at your website
  • Build and grow brand awareness and credibility
  • Improve website and mobile user experience
  • Help in growing social media followers and increase brand awareness

    Make more sales with traffic and brand awareness. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important service for your business and it works for your business if done properly. With extensive works successfully done for our clients, we have the expertise in planning and execution in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for small businesses. Our works are not just limited to website keyword optimization, but also to paid advertising, organic and social media marketing services. We keep an update of SEO trends, updates, analytical methods and performance reports to assist you with the best SEO services

  • 02.

    Website designs –Ecom and Dynamic

    Website designs for ecommerce or dynamic, these are exclusive and require some of the essential web design elements and technical aspects that make the website efficiently functional. Especially User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are heavily laid emphasis in this phase. As a professional team, we pay a lot of attention to every layout, wireframe and content to make your website highly impactful and human-centered. As of 2021, some of the interesting web statistics are:

  • 38% of visitors stop engaging with a website if the content and layout are not appealing.
  • Some of the audience bounce away from websites if the design is not appearing to be a credible source.
  • Audience do not appreciate poor user experience
  • If website loading is taking more time conversions go very slow

    Specifically, for ecommerce websites, there are elements like security layered payment gateways, shopping carts etc., and these have been accommodated on the website with the user-centered focus.

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    Google Tag Manager (GTM) implementation

    Google Tag Manager (GTM) is a free tool that informs you about the management of your website with a snippet of code to collect information about your website and sends it to third parties.
    As one of the best digital marketing company in Hyderabad Social Metrics offers expert services in Google Tag Manager that prove valuable to your business. Tags, Trigger and Variable, the three parts of GTM offer deeper insights about your website such as user’s behavior, navigation on your website etc.,
    We undertake to offer a wide range of services both on technical side and implementation for marketing purposes


    Google analytics audit

    From analyzing traffic to the top performing content pages, you can track every detail through Google analytics and this is entirely an important metric for assessing the performance of your website.
    B2B, B2C, ecommerce or any other, Google analytics gives you a complete walk-through of your website performance. The benefit of periodical analysis and its result can help in best preparation of content marketing and audit of content. We take care of Google analytics audit as an efficient online marketing services agency and this comes as a big benefit for your website.
    We make note of data and its quality, integrity and maturity which is the essence of Google analytics audit. It reveals an entire information about the website and the data reports convey much about the improvement steps to be taken


    Google Ads

    From startups to running businesses, Google ads work and perform highly for the profitability of your business and these have been proving to be a reliable source for audiences to find your business.
    Ads are everywhere online from mobile to desktops and tablets, ads rule the Internet. Audiences consume and draw the benefit of ad content to click on products and make buying decisions.
    In fact, in these tech savvy times, customers find ecommerce sites are of top benefit to shop online and buy their favorite products,This is a great benefit and advantage with an ecommerce site that you can take your innovative business ideas to the audience and inspire them to buy your quality products.
    Google ads and social media advertising opportunities are quite moderate in price that you can easily set your budget on ad spend and fix your daily spending and receive clicks to your website. Further you are also assured about receiving more and more customers, CTRs, conversions, leads and much more. Your online store expands its online sales opportunities with organic and paid advertising methods. Ad keywords play a major role in paid advertising where you can choose demographics, location, timing of running ads, platform and ad content. We as an advertising agency have worked extensively on SEO ad keywords, social media advertising and other channels.


    Influencer marketing

    Instagram is considered to be playing a major role in influencer marketing. This is a form of social media marketing where product endorsements are done by influencers. Offering services as Instagram marketing agency, we have sponsored many of our clients with influencers who promote products and services to the potential buyers. You will see many professional influencers who also include millennials with excellent skills and expertise.
    We have performed in an excellent way as the best Instagram marketing agency delivering good results to our clients and our services have been recognized and reputed.
    We have the expertise to work for generic and specific business requirements for influence marketing as we have acquired vast expertise offering our services as a Social media marketing agency. Due to high growth and popularity in influencer marketing, it is essential to set goals and marketing strategy that include brand awareness, reaching more people, gaining recognition and promoting your business. Building an audience and getting more subscribers and converting audience into customers are some of the goals set in influencer marketing.
    Due to its vast benefits, online businesses choose influence marketing as their first choice in social media marketing. Audience love influencers and follow them and as brand ambassadors, they help businesses to grow. Additionally, Internet available on smartphones enables influencers to easily post their content marketing videos so that audience can find it more beneficial to follow their brands. Social metricx does an excellent service in influencer marketing and it works to the benefit of our clients.


    Social Media Marketing

    Social media is very powerful and it raises a new voice, user generated content and this is where you find the majority of your target audience. Some of the interesting stats of social media marketing are -

  • Every second 11 new people arrive on social media
  • Facebook business pages are now more than 60 million
  • Near 3.5 billion people use social media
  • Facebook is the most popular social media platform

    Users spend nearly 3 hours per day on social networks and messaging With excellent features to post videos, launch your own business page, share, engage, connect, comment and do much more, social media has emerged as another world of cyberspace where you have access to do your business successfully with excellent marketing strategies, content marketing strategies, content strategy and much more. Each social media channel - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, Hotstar, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others have set their content strategies that you have to adhere to achieve success in marketing online. We assure most promising services as social media agencies and we are one of the leading agencies in social media marketing services.

    Our services have been well accepted by our clients in health care business and other generic small businesses that we are working uniquely with the perception to set goals for each marketing plan.

    We have a clear layout of plan and proposal prior to the implementation and execution. We connect with our customer relation management techniques, tools and software services and we also ensure to bring timely customer services

  • Get a Free consultation call Wroth Rs.750/-

    How we work


    Gathering Requirement

    We as a professional team in digital marketing services, first get the layout and plan of your website and work on a website strategy with objectives, goals, purpose, KPIs and metrics. This is followed by content strategy and content marketing strategy proposal. Responsive, static, dynamic and ecommerce design of websites and there are many others



    We have to go by your requirement when we design your website and we make it absolutely appealing and impressive for your audience to stay a little longer on your page and interact with your website much more effectively



    These are very valuable for us to invite more traffic to your website that works with search engine optimization keywords, promotion, content marketing, advertising and other tools along with marketing campaigns are always ongoing to make your business smooth and functioning.


    Seting the Goals

    The purpose, goals and objectives are entirely considered at the time of your website design. We also work buyer personas who would be your customers and their browsing behaviors, buying psychology, customer journey and experiences



    The benefits of the Internet come largely for your website as it brings the most cost effective marketing methods available widely through organic and paid advertising, influencer marketing and social media marketing